Seasoning wine

seasoning (or, weird things to do with) wine

wine is cool, i guess. but it can be made cool with a little ingenuity. here're some things i've done.


new york sours are the most classic example. most recipes call for rye (of which Ned King's is an excellent example), but you can use any kind of whiskey to complement any kind of red. rumor has it you can even even use tequila (ie, make a margarita) or gin/genever. or anything really: i can imagine something with an aquavit base going well with something peppery.


on the other side of experimentation, any cocktail can be given a richer, grapier, wintrier texture by swapping the lemon juice for acid adjusted white wine (white wine with added acid powder &/or old white wine). this also goes for anything that calls for something acidic. bright, summery meals can be grounded by the tannins and body of wine (though wine vinegars will do that just as well).